Poroshenko called the possible adoption of the law on the anti-corruption court

Poroshenko called the possible adoption of the law on the anti-corruption court



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The MPs has considered two-thirds of the amendments to the document.

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko predicts the adoption by the Verkhovna Rada law “On Higher anti-corruption court” next week. The head of state stressed that he is ready to sign the document.

Poroshenko noted that the process of creating an anti-corruption court in Parliament was blocked by the registration bill, which prevented him, as President, to present his version.

“This process has been blocked and only at the end of December when the Parliament was able to reject or to revoke, immediately, the next day was was a presidential bill,” – said Poroshenko.

The bill was passed in the first reading. For the second reading to him suggested edits 1927. Two-thirds (1273) of which MPs have already considered – the majority was not supported.

“I hope that next week it will be a historic moment when the Verkhovna Rada will have the opportunity to take this bill as a whole. Of course, I emphasize that two thousand amendments do not contribute to an objective review, MPs slow down the process. But I want to stress that my political will is to this new institution the decision was made. This new judicial institution,” – said Poroshenko.

The President hopes that the final version of the law will be agreed, including with foreign partners.

“We need to find enough MPs should support the bill. And in June, Ukraine must vote, and I have to sign this important bill,” – said Poroshenko.

The President noted that the law is not important for the IMF and international partners:

“It is primarily important for Ukraine, for the confidence which we have gained in the world.”

Recall, the IMF is already a year does not give the next tranche of Ukraine, because Kiev had delayed reforms and fails to fulfill its obligations. One of the key requirements for the next tranche of the loan from the IMF – establishment of an anti-corruption court and the establishment of market value of gas for the population.

Videoarray moved the adoption of the law on Higher anti-corruption court

Agree on who will have a decisive influence on the selection of judges in Higher anti-corruption court, failed. Western partners of Ukraine and some of the deputies assured the right to veto the candidacy of judges needs to obtain the Public Council of international experts. The other part of parliamentarians believes that it would be interference in the internal Affairs of Ukraine.

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May 24, 20:22


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