Fighters building an underground fortress, and near Gorlovka APU is the position of the terrorists

Fighters building an underground fortress, and near Gorlovka APU is the position of the terrorists

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The war in the East

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According to the ex-guard “Motorola”, the enemy should create pots.

New promotion of Ukrainian troops is now formulating a well in the village of Petrovskoye in the Donetsk region. The militants claim that the village is completely under the control of Ukraine. Released recently, the village South of Gorlovka seems to be not the last victory of Ukraine on the Eastern front, says the story TSN.Week.

Week trophies around Gorlovka began with the successful RAID of the scouts of the battalion “Donbass-Ukraine”. They came in quietly, left quietly and returned with prisoners. Like homeless people, confused and drunk, – the leader of the scouts quickly learned how to take those soldiers by surprise. In particular, the men presented themselves from the militants. The fighter with the call sign “Walker”: “to Play under their. Found that they had consumed alcohol. He said to them, you drunk bastard. Come out without weapons. Told to go and line up”.

The mission of drunken kamikaze, as it turned out, was to hold out a few hours before the approach of the personnel of the Russians.

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Aggravation in Gorlovka

Eugene leaf at the beginning of the war was the security guard “Motorola”. A former militant is now on the side of the APU. He past with Motorola recalls reluctantly. “In principle, he was afraid. The airport did not take “Sparta”, and Russians”, – he added.

The man allegedly became disillusioned, repented and went to correct the mistakes of the past. The state forgave and even entrusted him with the weapon. Now Eugene advises how best to defeat his former minions under Gorlovka. “Fighting in this area for two years. To take the example of opponents, and to do the boiler. If you go head on, there will be losses. People need to be protected,” – said the warrior.

Slowly but surely, the Armed Forces are moving around Gorlovka, bypassing the big city on both sides.

However, not underestimate the enemy. Ukrainians moved forward and occupied the former position of the separatists between Gorlovka and Debaltsevo. “I think we are the first journalists who managed to get here. This dugout separatists. The position recently taken by the Ukrainians. Not the dugout, but a whole underground apartment, made in industrial way excavators and cranes. I hope in the near future such strange positions that the Armed Forces will become more”, – said the correspondent Andriy Tsaplienko.

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Turchinov at the positions near Gorlovka said about the gathering of Russian troops near the border

Ukrainians in meditation: what to do with the enemy’s underground fortress. “The enemy has built himself. Had no options with him. He left here,” said military “Fados”, an officer of 25 battalion.

The supply of “Javelin” to the Ukrainian army seriously scared of the enemy, so he started his own production of missiles. Not too complicated technology is used for chemical plant in occupied Gorlovka. The power of bombs. Mercenaries vassali launch “Satan missile”. Fortunately, it did not explode. The engineers realized that it was copied from the Syrian samples. Presumably, the militants of private company, “Wagner”.

From positions near Gorlovka in front of us ran polutrusy dozens of militants. In their place, under the guise of Donbass collaborators give birth to mercenaries from Russia. This same information was confirmed by intelligence: to the front came the Russian military with the Syrian experience.

Andriy Tsaplienko

Videoage on the outskirts of Gorlovka: the Ukrainians took up positions of militants and captured prisoners

Ukrainian military captured prisoners, trophies and the former militants under Gorlovka. The militants claim that the village of Petrovskoye in the Donetsk region is completely under Ukrainian control. And recently released another village South of Gorlovka – too – not the last victory of Ukraine on the Eastern front.

TSN. Week

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