In a market where beat a military pensioner, staged pogroms

In a market where beat a military pensioner, staged pogroms

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Clashed with police officers.

Today, may 27, at the market near the metro station “Forest” staged pogroms. Thugs with covered faces pogroms trays and scuffled with police, reports “Gromadske”.

Share in the market “Lesnoy” after the beating of the military retiree was announced by the organization C14. However, they dissociated themselves from participating in aggressive actions. I assure you that going to the market one hour later and with a peaceful message, only to reason with the guards, who admitted beating and to check whether the point attacked an elderly man.

Participants C14 smashed the stalls in the market, “Lesnoy”, beat the pensioner. There were clashes with the police

— Hromadske.UA (@HromadskeUA) 27 may 2018

To C14 don’t know who came to the “Forest” at 10am and rioted. published a lie. Please attention to “the Ukrainian truth”, which has published false information…

Published news C14 – reserve 27 may 2018

In Kiev, in the market near the metro station “Forest” , the seller beat a military pensioner, who stood up for the woman. The seller was 24-the summer citizen of Georgia.

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