The first steps of a murder investigation Babchenko: the police collect video and suspects the presence of accomplices of the killer

The first steps of a murder investigation Babchenko: the police collect video and suspects the presence of accomplices of the killer

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Officially, first results of investigation promise to tell later.

The main version of murder of the journalist Arkady Babchenko is his professional activity. This was stated by the head of the Metropolitan police Andrey Krishchenko, says the story TSN.Night.

Militiamen do not exclude that the killer had accomplices. Now investigators are working with witnesses and collected video from all surveillance cameras in the area. His investigation will be carried out and journalists, which is near the house Babchenko were a lot.

Video settings in Kiev killed a Russian opposition journalist Arkady Babchenko

Shot about nine in the evening – pre – – in the back, at the entrance to the apartment, where he recently lived. Arcadia found a wounded wife. Babchenko died in the ambulance. The main reason for the murder, say police, is the professional activities of a journalist.

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Opposition to Putin’s regime journalist who moved to Ukraine from Russia, said that the murder Babchenko clearly backed by the Kremlin. “It’s the crystal case of terrorist murder. No other customer, except the government of the Russian Federation, I don’t see the crime. Absolutely no matter who the artist is – I know exactly what they are. Here, other versions can not be”, – the eider of Mugabe. “He was a great man. The threat that would kill him – she’s always, we live with it,” added colleague of the deceased.

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In Kiev, the scene of the murder Babchenko friends and colleagues began to bring flowers

Friends Babchenko said that the threats he received so much that he ceased to pay attention. However, the execution of the crime suggests that these were not Amateur. “Judging by the handwriting, judging by the fact that he came home today for a few hours max – it grazed. And it was some sort of trained spy” – says a friend of the deceased Yuri Matsarsky. Loved ones and colleagues hope that the family Babchenko get asylum and citizenship of Ukraine.

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There were photos from the scene of the murder of the Russian journalist Babchenko (12 photos)

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We will remind, in the evening of 29 may in Kiev, shoot the Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko. The police called his wife. From the received wounds, pre – in the back, a man died in the ambulance.

The Metropolitan police have put forward two preliminary versions of murder of the journalist professional activities and citizenship. The people’s Deputy Anton Gerashchenko said that the killer waited Babchenko on the landing of his house, and when the journalist opened the door of his apartment, he fired several shots in the back.

Police released a composite sketch of the suspect in the murder.

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