The Ministry proposes to put in jail for delinquent child support

The Ministry proposes to put in jail for delinquent child support



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With debtors alimony, managed to collect 1.5 billion USD.

Failure to pay child support in jail. The Ministry of justice proposed to bring the debtors to justice and to dismiss from public service.

The Agency also plans to increase the amount of alimony and to provide penalties for those who did not pay the money. This is stated in the plot program “snidanok z “1+1”.

With debtors alimony has managed to collect 1.5 billion USD. And in a public register was 200 thousand people.

Videodo 2 years in prison – the justice Ministry will toughen the punishment for nonpayment of alimony

Three months in Ukraine there are severe penalties for failure to pay child support. As a result, nearly 830 million is collected in favor of the Ukrainian children. Now the Ministry of justice has prepared for the worst defaulters of the alimony again. Those who do not pay child support six months or more, the Ministry of justice want to deny to occupy the government positions and even run for Parliament. In addition, I propose changes in the criminal code. If the debtor refuses to perform socially useful work, he will be 2 years imprisonment. More about stricter punishment tells Stanislav Kutsenko – head of the Main territorial administration of justice in Kiev

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