“Comfort town” celebrated the children’s day and met “summer Comfort”

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“Comfort town” celebrated the children’s day and met “summer Comfort”


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“Comfort town” by KAN Development continues to develop in Ukraine European standards of quality housing.

On the occasion of children’s Day and the beginning of summer, hardly probable not the most comfortable residential complex of the capital organized enchanting emotions and Grand-scale family festival “summer Comfort”.

The event was organised by “friends only” – only residents “Comfort Town” and friends who were invited by the tenants themselves.

Kids, on the rights of the owners of a holiday, enjoying the gifts that have prepared for them the Comfort of a town: a variety of rides, played with animators, participated in the performances from the children’s Academy A+ and just an incredibly fun time.

Adults, too, entertained no less than children, thanks to the endless jokes stand-up comedians and comedians, with a huge interest in watching sports tournaments, performances of bodybuilders Sport Life and, of course, happy carefree happy faces of their children.

What a holiday without gifts!? There were many and different taste. The most anticipated was a draw for the tour on holiday to Turkey in a 5 stars hotel from TUI. Gift found its owner!

The culmination of the celebration in Comfort town was a fantastic concert MOZGI. Potap together with the guys this day was unbeatable, just a space (almost lost the force of gravity)!

The audience was filled with a flurry of emotions and rousing hits their favorites.

The holiday was a success! All charged with positive energy for the year ahead, the younger residents “Comfort Town” expressed “respect”.

Director of marketing LCD “Comfort town” Alexander Shulyak said:

“The festive atmosphere that reigns in Comfort town, and happy inhabitants is the result of correctly chosen strategy of construction and management of the complex. Comfort town was originally created in the format of “city in city”. Our absolute priority is the arrangement of comfortable conditions of life for inhabitants since the first time they visit the sales Department and ending with organization of leisure. Today’s celebration is one example of this approach. In Kiev regularly hosts cultural events, concerts, etc. But they need to buy tickets in advance to get ready to drive in traffic. If You live in Comfort town, you have a concert, for example, within walking distance and absolutely free. Your children can have fun on different rides or animators. This, again safely close to home and cost.

In order for this all to have need a little, choosing a shelter for yourself, you need to make the right choice! It is worth noting that the high quality built and commissioned on time, housing is guaranteed by the company KAN development. Everyone is invited to join the happy family in Comfort Town”.

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