Miracles happen: the phone stopped a Russian bullet that could have killed the Ukrainian soldier on the front lines OOS

Miracles happen: the phone stopped a Russian bullet that could have killed the Ukrainian soldier on the front lines OOS


The war in the East

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Fighter escaped with a wound, the threat to his life.

Mobile phone in your pocket took the bulletthat would be fatal for the Ukrainian serviceman Konstantin Gordinskogo. He was wounded positions in the Zhovanka, says the story TSN.19:30.

Soldiers just digging the trench when he began firing from small arms. One bullet hit him in the leg and went through, another stopped the phone. “As a souvenir. Home brought. Saved my leg, but it would not know how it might end”, – says the military.

Videoroliki again shelled houses in the East of the country

Six military wounded over the past day in the area of environmental protection. One soldier received a serious wound to the leg and eye. It’s already been delivered in hospital of Dnepropetrovsk. One of the soldiers lucky to be alive, because one of the bullets was stopped by a mobile phone that lay in his pocket. Wounds he received in Zaytsevy. With guns there today were shot by the local courts.

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:06

In the hospital, where were evacuated to the military, the coast is called lucky – enough that the second bullet was left in the phone, and the first miracle the bullet missed the bone. The twin cities say that the enemy fired military 24th brigade of machine guns and anti-tank grenade launchers, so the wound is relatively small bullet can be considered happy. “They had a rotation, stopped by the new guys. The snipers stopped, the mortars stopped, fresh forces – they even aggressively so the aggression is more show,” says the soldier, nicknamed “Pavlovich”.

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“There will be a mash-up of” militants warned local residents about their intentions regarding the Pivdenne

Bullets and shells are regularly found in the yards of local residents. From time to time and fall to them – the woman Maria in the garden, weeded the corn, when the head began to whistle a bullet. The woman barely had time to jump in. “The bullets were flying. See the roof fall, the slate is exhausted,” she said. Within an hour the rebels were beaten in the homes of villagers, which left about a hundred. “Well, quite mad, well, what is it? Well, don’t you, don’t you understand that people live here, though broken, but still living” – outraged they are.

The correspondent TSN Alla Gazanevskaya

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