“Kievteploenergo” filed a lawsuit against “Naftogaz” to return to the capital hot water

“Kievteploenergo” filed a lawsuit against “Naftogaz” to return to the capital hot water

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Naftogaz needs to pay 5 billion UAH of the debt of the previous service provider.

Metropolitan municipal enterprise “Kievteploenergo”, which now supplies consumers with hot water and heat instead of a private “Kyivenergo” billionaire Rinat Akhmetov, has filed a lawsuit against “Naftogaz” with the requirement to enter into contracts for the supply of gas.

“Naftogaz of Ukraine” does not want to supply gas to the capital from 5 billion in debt the previous service provider and wants the debt took the utility. And there refuse and explain, that resolution No. 187 of the Cabinet of Ministers from 22 March 2017 at “Naftogaz” on spacebattles for the supply of natural gas.

“The city’s position is unchanged: it is necessary to immediately conclude an agreement on gas supply and restore the hot water, and in parallel, in a format meaningful talks to resolve the debt problem. Today so far has not been finally determined the amount of debt “Kyivenergo” before “Naftogaz”, a portion of this amount is the subject of litigation, therefore, the transfer of these debts is even theoretically impossible”, – said Deputy Chairman Peter Panteleev.

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We will remind, in may of this year by the service of supplying hot water and heating in the capital municipal enterprise “Kievteploenergo”. It “Kievteploenergo” after the completion of the agreement with PJSC “Kyivenergo”, which operated for the past 16 years, has assumed management functions of the heat power complex of the city and perform the function of heat and water in Kiev.

“Naftogaz” refused KP “Kievteploenergo” in the agreement: Gaziosmanpasa the company States that the agreement will be concluded only after the city the company will agree to assume the debt obligations of the previous contractor services – PJSC “Kyivenergo”. The debt is almost 5 billion UAH. It arose as a result of accumulation: about 3 billion UAH of debts of the population, 1 billion UAH – the debt of the state budget for providing incentives and subsidies, the heat supply of budgetary institutions, the difference in fares, and about 1 billion UAH – accrued penalties and interest. In respect of penalties and interest between the parties ongoing legal dispute. Penalties that accrues to “Naftogaz”, are a direct loss of heat supply companies, and their compensation has no relevant sources.

At KCSA say that questions of succession debts and livelihood of the city must be addressed separately and not be dependent on each other. In the future, the position of “Naftogaz” may lead to more global negative consequences. August 1, KP “Kievteploenergo” must enter into a contract for the supply of natural gas by CHPP-5 and CHPP-6, which will go to the management of KP. The lack of gas supply to CHP is the lack of hot water the other 70% of homes in Kiev. Also is the risk of an emergency of regional significance, because CHP plants produce not only heat but also electricity.

The city government of Kiev appealed to the Cabinet to assist in resolving the situation.

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