The Deputy nurse of the children: reporters learned, how much is this work and why Parliament is often against it

The Deputy nurse of the children: reporters learned, how much is this work and why Parliament is often against it


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Many of the deputies fundamentally believe that children should grow up only in families.

The Cabinet decided that every Ukrainian mother will be entitled to one and a half thousand hryvnias from the state on compensation of the services of a nanny, if you will sign her employment contract. Reporters asked deputies, whether they use the services of nannies in the rearing of children and whether to claim the money, says the story TSN.19:30.

“We have no nannies, we have a grandmother on pension. Grandma much better than Babysitting,” Vilkul assured and added that she receives no salary. On the older generation used to rely and Royal. “Starting from my first son who is already 17 years, and today our Mary two years old – the whole thing, starting with the hospital, care and control does my mom. We at home are not like when someone nonnative” she explained.

Videoarray admitted how much to pay nannies to their children

TSN asked the MPs, it is hard to find a nanny and how much money they are willing to pay them. So they will qualify for fifteen thousand compensation, which promises parents a Cabinet or in the future will pay nannies cash in envelopes?

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Don’t care about the nanny for his six children and their colleague in the opposition smartly. “It never was. No nannies. To trust another person who is not a member of the family is very bad,” he said. His wife, in his words, help the children themselves. “The older children raise the younger. And so at a time. 25 years between the older and younger”, – said the Deputy.

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But bilotserkivets recognizes that has experience in recruiting nannies. “Indeed, wife help. I can be at work, and she and someone needs to stay with the children,” he said and added that the pay for such work hourly, but he doesn’t even know the pricing, because those issues are decided by the wife. “The wife of a FOP, she is officially running and I have it on it does not take money. Or am I just not notice it. It’s hard for me to answer,” – said the Deputy. But Shakhov your budget nurses know and calls from 250-300 dollars.

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Did not make a mystery out of it and CSAC. “When I fed the small, even being an activist, mother here in Mariinsky Park was with a stroller, little Sophia, I ran out and so breastfeeding – and there I met a grandmother whose daughter was a hairdresser. And so she has become our nanny, our family friend, we are still friends, although Sophia already finished the second class,” she said and added that the cost of this service is 30-40 UAH per hour. But the amount of compensation from the government, MP calls miserable. “For fifteen thousand to find a babysitter is just unreal! You put yourself in the place of Babysitting,” she explained.

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