Ukrainian school subjects and the promotion of language learning: Klimkin told the details of the conversation with the Hungarian colleague

Ukrainian school subjects and the promotion of language learning: Klimkin told the details of the conversation with the Hungarian colleague



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According to him, the points of discussion is the balance of the hours: instruction in Ukrainian and Hungarian.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin said the meeting with Hungarian counterpart Peter Szijjártó real progress in Ukrainian-Hungarian relations.

About it writes UKRINFORM.

“Today’s meeting with the Minister of foreign Affairs of Hungary in Transcarpathia — it is proof that our dialogue has resumed, and we have real progress. The previous round of talks at the level of the Ministry of education and representatives of the Hungarian community was positive, one that we planned at the beginning of July, also must be successful,” – said the Minister.

According to him, progress that there is a discussion, unlike the situation that was before, when the Hungarian partners demanded as the only possible option — the status quo: that is, leave everything as it was.

“Our further cooperation will be based on the following points, – said Klimkin, the First is that we will encourage minority children to learn the Ukrainian language and Ukrainian items. For every Ukrainian Hungarian should be clear: the chances in life is a guarantee of a successful choice, you need to know perfectly Hungarian, Ukrainian language. The second is the introduction of the study of Ukrainian subjects in high school. Each school receives a space for creativity and will decide how best to study the history, geography of Ukraine, the fundamentals of state and law”, – said Klimkin.

He noted varlist transition period, as recommended by the Venice Commission.

“But we have to not just push back the implementation of the law and prepare for its implementation — this means a new methodology and programmes. As for private schools — they will not be subject to the law, there will be flexibility, but we encourage everyone, including private schools, to have the best Ukrainian”, – the Minister added.

According to him, discussions at this stage of the negotiations with the Hungarians is a balance: training in Ukrainian and Hungarian.

Videoangry agreed to talks with Ukraine regarding the Law on education

The adopted last year document Hungarians initially angered a point about language learning. About the last steps towards the understanding of the two countries announced Pavlo Klimkin after a conversation in new York with the Hungarian colleague. Still the Hungarian minority in Ukraine refused any compromise.

TSN. Wounds

May 30, 09:00

“The main achievement today is that we have identified the sequence of steps to which we must come” – summed up the Ukrainian official.

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Turchynov believes that “logs in the wheel” from Hungary will not interfere with the Commission “Ukraine-NATO”

After negotiations, Hungary has enabled the participation of Ukraine in the NATO summit, but with the participation of Georgia.

This was announced by the Minister of foreign Affairs of Hungary Peter Siyarto, reports “European true”.

So Hungary will not block Ukraine’s participation in the summit Ukraine and Georgia-NATO relations, but the bilateral format of meetings resolution does not.

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