Fighters again wounded Ukrainian fighters. The situation in the Donbass

Fighters again wounded Ukrainian fighters. The situation in the Donbass

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The war in the East

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Ukrainian army counted five enemy attacks during the day.

Wednesday, July 4, in the Donbas the militants five times shelled the positions of Ukrainian army – wounded two soldiers.

This is stated in the summary of the press center of the joint forces.

“For the current day, from 7am to 18 hours, the enemy continued to violate the truce, which was established. The Russian occupation troops 5 times opened fire on our positions from rocket-propelled grenades, heavy machine guns and small arms. Minsk agreements prohibited weapons are not used”, – stated in the message.

On the Lugansk direction in the Crimean militants fired on Ukrainian positions with rocket-propelled grenades.

In Gorlovka direction near zaytsevo and South they used automatic and manual anti-tank grenade launchers, heavy machine guns and small arms. The result of the impact of fire wounded two Ukrainian soldiers.

In Donetsk direction militants fired from automatic grenade launchers and small arms for the defenders of Nevel.

On the Mariupol direction near the Water used a hand-held antitank grenade launchers and small arms.

“Losses of the enemy are specified. The combined forces fully control the situation and safely hold occupied positions and continue to strengthen them”, – noted in the press center.

Meanwhile, Nazvaniya detained three “Dnrovtsev”.

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