Russia caught up in the Donbass tanks more than it is in Britain, France and Germany combined – Walker

Russia caught up in the Donbass tanks more than it is in Britain, France and Germany combined – Walker

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The war in the East

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American believes that Russia’s military presence in the region is obvious and requires no further proof.

Russia is clearly present in the armed conflict in the East of Ukraine and acting on the side of the so-called militants “DNR” and “LNR”. In an interview with Bild said the special representative of the US state Department for the Affairs Kurt Volker.

“Occupied territory is actually very small, but it tanks more than the UK, France and Germany combined. In 2014, they still weren’t there. That is where they sort of profit”, – said the American. “And I say unto you, it is 100% Russian weapons. I just don’t have the imagination to believe that these weapons got there from somewhere else,” he added.

Videocart Walker said that the self-proclaimed “DNR” and “LNR” have to disappear

At the discussion in the “Hudson Institute”, he noted that the so-called Republic was established by Russia to disguise their role in the conflict and strengthen opposition. They do not meet the Ukrainian Constitution and have no right to exist.

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3 Mar, 21:45

Walker acknowledged that if the OSCE observers recorded not only the number of weapons, but also its serial number and origin, the evidence base would be provided, but it is not included in the agreed mission. “The OSCE is there a specific task. It would be dishonest to put her in a situation that could be dangerous for her. However, I say if this information would be available in Germany, France, USA or anywhere else, we wouldn’t have any doubt about what is happening,” – said the diplomat.

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Walker recalled on the right of the Ukrainian military to use weapons in the Donbass

However, Walker rejected the argument that the presence of Russian tanks in Eastern Ukraine is unproven. “I find it strange. Why do I need to prove something that you can see with your own eyes?”, – laughs.

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