The NEB denies that his raids had been a plane crash at the airport “Kiev”

The NEB denies that his raids had been a plane crash at the airport “Kiev”

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The incident occurred almost a month ago.

The administration of the airport “Kiev” and accused the investigators of NABOO that because of their investigation, they say, on June 14 in stormy weather, accident aircraft Bravo.

“During landing in a strong storm the plane with 169 passengers on Board skidded off the runway. The situation was complicated by the increased threat of explosion on Board the plane was 4 tons of aviation fuel. Currently, the airport management, which, in fact, was held hostage by security forces, was not able to accept appropriate weather situation measures. Thanks to the coordinated work of the rescue services of the airport the situation was kept under control and as a result of incident nobody has suffered”, – said at the airport.

NABU said that their investigations “can’t be the cause of an emergency. The charges are the same company “Master-Avia” (the tenant of the airport) in the blocking operation, which allegedly proved impossible to prevent failures of aircraft Bravo is not true. NABU believes that such publications may indicate the desire to shift responsibility for the incident and to divert attention from the fact of the investigation detectives of the Bureau of the misuse of the property of the airport.”

Videoexclusive TSN: hard landing at the airport “Kiev”

On the eve of the ship of the Ukrainian company Bravo Airways was going to land, just in time for the downpour and the hurricane, and was rolled out for the runway. The plane carried out flight from the Turkish city of Antalya. On Board were 169 passengers, no one was seriously hurt.


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Version NABOO, searches at the airport “Kiev” began at nine o’clock in the morning.

“The searches were carried out solely in the administrative offices, which are located in the management offices, accounting, financial and legal offices. That is, those departments that are directly engaged in technical support of flight operations and safety. Restrictions on movement was only part of the LLC “Master-Avia” and one of the ultimate owners of the company that, in the opinion of the detectives of the Bureau can be involved in Commission of corruption crimes. At the same time the technical staff of the airport, the employees of the company who was directly involved in the maintenance of the runway, coordinated the flights could easily be in their jobs, to move freely throughout the territory of the airport and to fully perform their duties. No barriers because of the actions of NABU did not suffer and representatives of the state Commission on investigation of circumstances of wreck of the plane, which arrived the next day at the airport,” – said in a statement NABOO.

A statement of the charges in the direction of NABOO appeared almost a month after the accident.

“Instead of a constructive position and readiness to cooperate with the investigation, the company “Master-Avia” publishes false statements, hiding behind the alleged safety of the passengers. His version of events, the company has released nearly a month after the accident, getting the fact that further investigations of NABOO at the airport can supposedly lead to future accidents. National Bureau notes that such statements are unacceptable and may be perceived as outright manipulation,” said NABU.

Investigative activities of the detectives of the Bureau were carried out within investigation of criminal proceedings upon abuse of official position by officials of the Kiev city Council, KP “international airport “Kiev” (Juliani), LLC “Master-Avia” in which KP “international airport “Kiev” (Juliani) damages in the amount of almost UAH 119 mn. This investigation NABOO beginning in March 2018, according to the materials of the State audit service. Pre-judicial investigation proceeds.

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