The government will propose several scenarios of increasing gas prices for the population.

The government will propose several scenarios of increasing gas prices for the population.



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To raise tariffs to the market demands of the IMF.

Ukraine should increase the price of gas for the population. How much and when – is still unknown. Such a requirement by the IMF to grant the next loan to Ukraine. Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman says that the tariff increase does not want, but need. The Cabinet will propose several scenarios of price increase.

This Groisman said during a speech in the Verkhovna Rada, UNIAN reports.

“For a year we speak about the formation of gas prices in the country. For the gas industry is worth about 10 thousand UAH, cheaper nowhere. For the population, the government introduced a limit of up to 7 thousand UAH. The idea is to align the price in the country and make it uniform. I strongly disagree, and so for a year we are in serious discussions with the International monetary Fund. We are now looking for the right approach. For me it is important that the Ukrainians have not suffered from this,” – said Groisman.

In case of rupture of cooperation with the IMF and the inability of Ukraine to service its external debt, the country will stand the risk of default.

“So now we are in negotiations looking for a compromise in order to primarily protect the interests of Ukrainian citizens and Ukraine. I hope for mutual understanding with the international partners” – said the Prime Minister.

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The amount of the subsidy was reduced to four and a half times

He wants to spend with the leaders of parliamentary factions consultations on gas prices.

“I declare that I do not want to raise the price of gas, I don’t want to do that. It can only be a necessary step in order to prevent economic disaster and poverty for the Ukrainian citizens. And so we now so clearly our position. I’m going to request consultations with the leaders of the factions on this issue, and will just show two to three scenarios that we can go,” – said Groisman.

Meanwhile, the Ministry said, as it can increase electricity and gas for the population.

Videocracy can stay without drinking water because of gas prices

The utilities run out of chlorine which disinfect the water. For three weeks the only company that produces liquid chlorine “DneprAzot” stopped production of the substance due to excessively high gas prices. Today the workers came to the capital and demanded under the Cabinet to reduce the cost of gas for the plant and to resume production of important chemicals.

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