“You give a fuck on us?” Activists of the “Avtopravo” detained the son of Poroshenko

“You give a fuck on us?” Activists of the “Avtopravo” detained the son of Poroshenko



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The protesters tried to find out what the situation is with the vote on the customs clearance of the car.

The participants for “the euronumber” in the capital on Thursday July 12, blocked the exits from the Parliament to the deputies returned to Parliament and voted for the law on customs clearance of cars with foreign registration.

Under the “hot hand” activists hit the President’s son and the Deputy of the faction “BPP” Alexei Poroshenko.

The protesters were trying to figure out why it was not voted a law on the customs clearance of cars on avtonomera.

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“You give a fuck on us? So let us You oboss*m and throw! You pid*races,” expressed the outrage of one of the activists on the lack of a clear response to Poroshenko, Jr. regarding the voting.

“The Committee agreed on two bills that Parliament was to take. However, the speaker did not continue today’s meeting, where the meeting was to consider two draft laws and took a break. In my memory, on Friday no effective voting does not occur. It’s not up to me. I’ll come,” reassured protesters the MP.

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Recall, the protesters demanded cancellation of the decision of the Cabinet, in which the police have access to the customs database, so you can check the legality of stay “probleh” in Ukraine. A second requirement is the adoption of the law on easing the customs clearance.

It is also known that the Verkhovna Rada has adopted in first reading a bill 8487 “On amendments to the Tax code of Ukraine concerning the taxation the excise tax of passenger vehicles.” Taxes on such machines save several times.

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