In Kiev, found the owners of the 2-foot Python, who scared people on the street

In Kiev, found the owners of the 2-foot Python, who scared people on the street



Today, 05:30

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The reptile was taken home and promised to look after him carefully.

In the capital, with the support of the lantern tovolunteer removed 2-foot 4-pound tiger Python. Snake saw passers-by who called the rescue service animals, according to a story TSN.19:30.

Volunteer Michael decided to remove the reptile with his bare hands, because he saw that he was not aggressive. Temporary shelter to a snake brought in the bag. Meanwhile, residents of nearby houses are moving away from the shock: MS Luba even thought at first that it robbed under the guise of a Python. “He’s handsome, he’s a good Piton. But how was he supposed to be here,” – say the residents and suggest that if this guest crawled into their home, then it could cause a heart attack.

Videots found the owner of a Python that was removed from the lantern in Kiev

Six-foot snake found today in the center of the capital. At the pole of the lantern, right on the facade of a house, reptile passerby noticed and called animal rescue. Cooperately, arrived on a call, decided to remove the snake with his bare hands. TSN to find out where crawling Python.

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:36

The journalists decided to go to the neighbors because it is unlikely that the Python crawled from somewhere far away. The owners found quickly – even those demonstrated in the proof of photos and videos with a snake. The owners said that the Python name is Shelby, it’s a female, she was once a friend, but it was stolen. The snake is very affectionate, loves to swim, lives in an apartment about two years and still never gave himself away.

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Studying snakes and spiders Hippolyte Ermolaev once convinced of the authenticity of the claims of the owners of a reptile, gives Shelby. “She crawled. Opened the door and crawled out” – recognize their oversight masters.

The TSN reporter Oksana Mulyar

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