“We know all too well “Gazprom”, – KOBOLEV about the Russian proposal regarding the settlement agreement

“We know all too well “Gazprom”, – KOBOLEV about the Russian proposal regarding the settlement agreement



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The head of “Naftogaz” is convinced that the settlement agreement should be considered separately from conditions of gas transit.

“Naftogaz of Ukraine” does not want to mix the negotiations with Russian “Gazprom” for the transit contract with a discussion of the possible settlement agreement in respect of the decision of the Stockholm arbitration.

This was stated by the Chairman of the Board of “Naftogaz” Andrey KOBOLEV, transfers “Interfax-Ukraine”.

“We don’t see the point. Theoretically we could consider with some other contractors, but we know all too well “Gazprom” and remember the history of the negotiations in 2014. And that’s why we proved in arbitration that are unable to come to amicable agreement,” – said KOBOLEV.

Linking these two topics and their discussion in a trilateral format is a waste of time for representatives of the European Union, says the head of “Naftogaz”.

“And now, when “Gazprom” has lost, and wants to talk about the settlement agreement, it is just a waste of time. Our position: we can consider your suggestions about the world, but they should not interfere with the negotiations on a new contract and we’re definitely not ready to do it in a trilateral format, wasting time of our partners and giving the opportunity to say that we have agreed on something while they prepare the base for the “Nord stream-2”, – said Kobolyev.

Before that, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that in the case of settlement of the dispute between “Gazprom” and “Naftogaz” in the Stockholm arbitration court, Russia will be ready to extend the contract for transit of Russian gas to EU countries via Ukraine.

In “Naftogaz” is considered already settled two disputes with the Russian “Gazprom” the decision on which is adopted the Stockholm arbitration. According to them, Russia should pay Ukraine of 2.56 billion dollars. To return the debt Moscow refuses, filed in the court of appeal. In the meantime, “Naftogaz” through the courts began to seek the seizure of assets of “Gazprom” in the European countries.

We will remind, the day gas talks between Ukraine, Russia and the EU stopped for repairs “Nord stream”.

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