“It’s not about Donbass”: Klimkin commented on the idea of Putin on referendum

“It’s not about Donbass”: Klimkin commented on the idea of Putin on referendum



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According to the Minister, the Kremlin wants to destroy the Ukraine.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin said that no one believes in the idea of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to hold a referendum in the Donbas.

About this he wrote on his page in Facebook.

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The Russian foreign Ministry commented on the proposal for a referendum on the Donbass

“Nobody, literally nobody believes in any possibility of a free and fair vote in the Donbass in the conditions of Russian occupation. Regarding political and legal aspects of everything and so everything is clear,” – said the Minister.

Klimkin believes that by “referendum” the Kremlin wants to implement the “federalization” of Ukraine and eventually “destroy” it.

“The Russian Donbass was not interested, and our Ukrainian citizens in the Donbass, of course. Remember the Russian passages on the federalization of Ukraine, and you will immediately understand that this is not about the Donbas. It is a kind of “rehearsal” that the Kremlin regime will push to destroy our country. They will not succeed!”, – said the foreign Minister of Ukraine.

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Putin wants a referendum to get the Donbass in Ukraine as an autonomy – “Interfax”

Earlier media reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin told Russian diplomats that he invited the President of the United States Donald Trump to hold a referendum in the Donbas. The proposal is to hold a referendum in the occupied territories of Donbas under international auspices, during which local residents need to speak on the status of those territories. Trump allegedly asked Putin to discuss the idea during a press conference after the Helsinki meeting to give him time to think.

The press Secretary of the national security of the United States Garrett Marquis said that the White house does not consider the idea of Russian President Vladimir Putin to hold a referendum in the Donbas. The official noted that the possibility for a referendum is not envisaged by the Minsk agreements. Moreover, the referendum on the uncontrolled territory of Ukraine will be illegitimate.

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