Day in the Donbas: 32 of the shelling, one soldier of VSU was lost

Day in the Donbas: 32 of the shelling, one soldier of VSU was lost

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The war in the East

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One Ukrainian soldier was injured.

For the past day, July 26, militants ARDLE 32 times fired at the Ukrainian positions in Donbas, killing one soldier, the APU died and another was injured.

This reports the press center of staff of environmental protection.

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“The enemy 32 times opened fire on positions of our troops. Heavy weapons were not used… Over the past day in the fighting, one soldier of the United forces was killed and one wounded”, – stated in the message.

It is noted that during attacks, the militants used heavy weapons, however, positions near Hnutove fired antitank guided missiles.

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SBU detained in Kiev soldier who sold the weapon from the combat zone in the Donbass

“According to intelligence reports over the past day, two invaders were killed and two were injured,” – said at the headquarters of the OOS.

Since the beginning of the current day the militants five times opened fire on Ukrainian positions in the Donbas – no information on casualties.

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We will remind, in the evening of 26 July, the Ukrainian side of the JCCC recorded the firing of the slurry tank industrial chemical wastes Tureckogo phenol plant with the armed forces of the Russian Federation. While experts are unable to assess the damage of the object. It is not excluded that the blast could have damaged the walls of the bowl. In this case, poisonous liquid can get into the groundwater and then into the river the end of the Curve, which would entail large-scale ecological catastrophe on the territory of Donetsk region.

Videoing in the line of fire. TSN has learned why the people of the frontline villages do not want to leave the house

Life in the line of fire. The last of the villagers Gladosovo and Travneve don’t want to leave the village. Though scared and flies over the heads of almost every night, people prefer to stay on their land.

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