The first meeting with a real estate tax, Ukrainians explained what to do with the new payment system

The first meeting with a real estate tax, Ukrainians explained what to do with the new payment system



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Even if the document is not received, this does not mean that the property is lost and her owner is not charged duty.

Ukrainians massively come the bills to pay the estate tax. A resident of the city Mironovka Kiev region Galina Goncharova such a message is received for the first time, according to a story TSN.19:30.

For the house she paid nothing – it was for two children. Paid only for the excess meters of his apartment 254 hryvnia – 18 hryvnia 70 kopecks per square meter. “We did it, my husband not so much, only up to 300 squares that’s 150 per child charge. I only pay for the apartment,” she explained.

Videocracy began to pay real estate taxes

Paid taxes – sleep well. Many people still have not received the bills. People are concerned about the question – do I need to pay if receipt is not received and credited if the debt. TSN has dealt in all matters of taxation from DFS.

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:09

The tax is paid only if the apartment has an area of over 60 square meters and a building area of over 120 square meters. All excess space is taxable according to the current bet, which choose their own local authorities – up to 1.5% of the minimum wage. For example, one sverhdorogoy square meter of housing in the capital worth 24 UAH. The most expensive in Kharkiv – UAH 48. In Odessa is 32 UAH, Lviv – 16.

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But that’s not all. If you are the owner of a so-called elite of real estate will have to pay. Hence, we should expect two receipts. If the house has an area of over 500 square meters, and the apartment is over 300 square meters, that is a fixed amount that is added to the calculated tax is 25 thousand on each object. The estate tax is paid within 60 days from the date of receipt of the notification from the State fiscal service. This year these receipts people received before 1 July. “If the individual has not received a decision notification, it means that his estate is not entered in database real estate rights. A natural person can come into a service center and to submit the relevant documents. And on the basis of these documents, the decision will be made notification. If it is not received, no duties to pay in this year you have until you it will not happen,” – said the head of the Metropolitan DFS Lyudmila Demchenko.

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Have CIV nacrri gang aferist, that priglasili NERUHOMOSTI to over 30 million UAH (5 photos)

19 December 2016, 18:30

It demonstrates its own decision-notice, which was received from their colleagues, and acknowledges that the rent and the house was paid 21 thousand hryvnias of a tax. This year, DFS sent more than 45 thousand receipts for 129 million. “Pay attention to the fact that when you have not even received the decision notification and it is returned with a mark tax service, tax service enters this information into the database, and in ten days the amount becomes the amount of the tax debt,” he warned her.

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Experts are convinced that the real estate tax you can save – for example, to buy a flat in the region where the tax rate is small, or to split one object in parts, because each owner pays only for the share which he owns. Also the tax can not pay orphans, large families, combatants, children with special needs, which brings only one of the parents, the orphanage of family type, religious organizations, kindergartens, schools. In addition, each local authority can establish a preferential category.

The TSN reporter Ivan Vorobyov

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