Large-scale poisoning Shawarma in Kiev: all points belong to the same owner

Large-scale poisoning Shawarma in Kiev: all points belong to the same owner



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From fast food poisoning affected more than 60 people.

The head of the Main Department of State service on safety of foodstuffs and consumer protection in the city of Kiev Oleg Ruban said that all the points with a Doner kebab, where eve was poisoned more than 60 people belonging to one owner.

He told this at a press conference on 2 August, reports “Interfax”.

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“The center was in four locations: subway station “Lisova”, “Darnytsya”, Obolon and Postal area. Clarified that it is one business entity which has been selling this product… These facts will be transferred in law enforcement bodies”, – said Ruban.

He also noted that the perpetrators of mass poisoning will be responsible under the Criminal code of Ukraine. Ruban also confirmed that according to preliminary data, the cause of the poisoning was Salmonella.

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We will remind, in Kiev people are massively poisoned Shawarma. Victims have complained that bought fast food at Brovarsky Avenue. First, the victims of poisoning was 16, later their number increased and exceeded fifty. People poisoned fast food in four different locations of Kiev near the metro station “Darnitsa”, “Forest”, at the Postal square and Obolon.

Video settings Kyiv Shawarma poisoned more than 60 people

More than 60 victims – in Kiev, another outbreak of intestinal infection. This time after eating Shawarma. Among poisoned there are children and pregnant women. The symptoms previously, the doctors think it’s Salmonella.

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