In my own experience. In Kiev is the first public NextBike bike rental

In my own experience. In Kiev is the first public NextBike bike rental


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About the cost of the service and its features, read our article.

On August 15, Kiev launched a public Bicycle rental NextBike. TSN.ia decided on their own experience to try as bicycles to rent and use such a service.

Application for rental

Before you travel, you need to install on your smartphone mobile app NextBike and go through a quick registration – specify the e-mail address, name, country, city, street and then postcode. Although without the last three items, the registration will take place. In your Inbox will drop the email with a personal pin code. It along with the phone number you will need to enter in the app on the home page to activate your account. Half the work done! With this handle even a small child.

The app itself is not very convenient and slows down a little. Besides, for some reason I cannot change the language in settings. However, the registration and the rental bike had to spend a couple of minutes.

How to find the bike?

In advance in the desktop version of the site, or through the NextBike app on your smartphone, select map. It will be displayed on all Parking lots with bikes that are located near you, and the approximate time it will take to get to them. Also shown on the map and the number of available Rovers.

Find the nearest free bike very easily

All you have to choose exactly where you want to take a bike and where to return it. The latter is done only on special official stations – throw two-wheeled friend, where got fail.

Station with bikes at the Postal square looks like this

How to take a bike to rent?

To rent a bike and go on a trip, it is necessary to enter in the app is his personal number on the rear wing or scan the QR code. After that, the app will prompt you to pay for the trip 50 UAH with the card, Privat24 or otherwise. After successful payment, the clock starts counting the use of the bike.

Number and QR code – over the rear wheel.

The bike can be taken after the click of the lock and unlock the wheels. It remains only to raise the metal stem, on which stands the bike up.

How much is it?

A single half-hour bike ride costs 30 UAH, but minimum payment is still 50 UAH. That is, if you did it in 30 minutes, your account will remain NextBike 20 UAH, which can be used next time. Even if for a moment delay the return of the bike after a 30 minute trip – you will be charged for 30 minutes. Just rent a bike for the whole day will cost a maximum of 300 UAH. A monthly subscription at a special price (until September 1, 2018) is 199 UAH (regular price 399 UAH), and seasonal, to December 1, will cost 599 UAH (vs 899 UAH, if you register after September 1). Prices are specified only for Kiev.

Impressions of the bike

All the bikes in the Parking lot the same (on mine, at the Postal square, there were already six) – they are comfortable, there is a small trunk in the front, low frame, flashlight for riding in the dark, bell, hand brake with the speed switching and protective plastic shield to the circuit.

Look all bikes

With the last I just had problems – one of the bolts on which it is held, was spun, but because of skiing and clawed at him pedal.

The bolt, which during skating clung pedal

A little disappoint “nemecka jakosti”, which was so praised by the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko.

Fortunately, I chose a route with minimal traffic (from the promenade on the Mail to Kontraktova square, near the monument to Skovoroda) so no emergency situations arose. The whole problem could be easily solved by yourself, but with your fragile fingers to tighten the bolt I have did not work, and the necessary tools in the backpack was not.

How to return the bike?

But with the return of the bike I had a difficulty. Parking is not my Forte. On the statement that is on the trunk indicated that it is necessary to choose “Parking” in the app. So. I do this in the menu is just not found…

Instructions for use of the bike from the trunk

Handy support phone number listed on the instructions. The operator explained that it is necessary to lower the leg down to rest on her bike, and then lock the lock. The castle turned out to be a lever with a red dot above the rear wheel.

The bike lock. The lever should be lowered down

After these simple manipulations in the app under “history” you can be sure that your trip is over.

The app shows the starting point and the ending point, travel time, number and cost of the trip

The service works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In Kiev, there are 33 venues to rent bikes in different parts of the city. Experience in the use of public bike rental was quite enjoyable – despite the small inconvenience I was satisfied.

Video settings Kyiv earned public bike rental

Bikes that you can rent at metro stations appeared in Ukraine a few months after such rentals opened in several other European capitals. To advertise the new service came mayor Klitschko. I sat down and went.

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