Rozenko explained, how many will pay the grantee after the likely increase in gas price

Rozenko explained, how many will pay the grantee after the likely increase in gas price



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To increase the value required by the IMF.

After possible gas price increase in Ukraine citizens who receive subsidies, will pay more, the difference would cover the subsidy.

In this broadcast “espresso” assured Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Rozenko.

“The probable allocation of gas prices on the grantees is in no way affected because they are paying and will pay a fixed amount. The people who will feel that they are not able to fully pay for housing and utilities or gas needs to contact the Department of social protection to apply for a grant” – said Rozenko.

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The official believes that any decision regarding changes in the price of gas should be taken after changes in the new system of subsidies.

“These changes, which have occurred in the system of subsidies needs to be corrected. Only after correcting the situation in the system of subsidies, when they removed those problems which are of concern to citizens, we can consider the issue of changing the gas prices. There are appropriate instructions and government Committee, which I chair, and the Prime Minister and I hope that in the near future the Ministry will fulfill them and to the subsidies necessary improvements will be made,” – said Vice Prime Minister.

Recall that a register of all recipients of grants made available online.

Videocracy not in a hurry to renew the subsidies – economic news

Half subsidianes postponed the renewal of grants before the start of the heating season. But the government was advised not to wait for the fall of queues and apply now.In Ukraine began to rapidly go up the mushrooms. Prices are now at a new level.To raise fees for the rented apartment the owner only once a year.More on economic news and currency exchange rates in our review.

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