Russia is afraid of strong Ukraine, which is supported by allies – Poroshenko

Russia is afraid of strong Ukraine, which is supported by allies – Poroshenko



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The President expressed his satisfaction with the demonstrated support of foreigners at the parade of Independence.

Effective interaction of Ukraine with international partners in military-technical sphere should become a priority of the foreign policy of the government. This was stated by President Petro Poroshenko at the meeting of heads of foreign diplomatic institutions of Ukraine.

“I can’t imagine a better proof of solidarity with Ukraine, as the presence of the flags of our partners in the parade in Kyiv on the occasion of Independence Day. Because Russia is afraid of strong Ukraine, which is supported by loyal allies,” – said the head of state. He noted that the Russian propaganda was yelling about what NATO boots trampling Ukrainian Khreschatyk, and in Moscow believed that such things offend Ukrainians. “In fact the reaction was quite different. And when traditionally our partners have different pitches, in different forms, under different flags, but under one very important unity of the world and solidarity with Ukraine – this has been demonstrated,” – said Poroshenko.

Videovigilance, the parade and pride: in Kiev said the 27-th Independence Day

Its 27th anniversary of independent Ukraine noted large-scale military parade. On Khreshchatyk were 4.5 thousand solemn Ukrainian military and 18 units of representatives of allied and partner countries, and over the capital flew combat aircraft. For the first time, the military was greeted with the words: “Glory to Ukraine!”

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26 Aug, 19:48

He drew attention to the fact that Kiev was visited by the adviser of the US President for national security Affairs John Bolton. “Without exaggeration – the dialogue between Kiev and Washington, I want to emphasize, has never been so intense, so fruitful as it is today. Why should only the decision of the President of the United States finally to provide Ukraine with lethal defensive weapons. You also had the opportunity to see them at a military parade. It is not only the result of the incredible volume of conducted diplomatic work, but also the best proof that between Kiev and Washington, there is a very high level of trust,” – said the head of state.

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Poroshenko asked the diplomats to make the military-technical sphere one of the main priorities, in particular to obtain defensive weapons and those of its components that have not yet learned to produce in Ukraine. Simultaneously, the President wants the diplomats contributed to the establishment of export samples of the latest Russian weapons abroad. “Equally important is the fact that the Ukrainian military-industrial complex today can offer our partners with modern samples of precision weapons made in the Ukraine. Because Russia has not only blocked for us because of the embargo, shut down of us market, and from 33% to 9% fell to the share of Russia in our foreign trade. Was completely closed all cooperation with first day or even before aggression. For me, it is extremely important that the Titanic efforts our industry has made those samples, some of which you saw on the parade of troops,” he said.

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Parade for Independence Day (24 photos)

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