The militants “DND” announced three days of mourning for Kobzon

The militants “DND” announced three days of mourning for Kobzon


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The group believes the singer’s “hero”.

The militants of illegal armed groups “DNR” announced three days of mourning for the Russian singer Iosif Kobzon, deceased August 30.

The relevant “decree” gave the leader of group Alexander Zakharchenko, reports “news of Donbass”.

Days of mourning in the occupied territory of the Donetsk region will be August 31, September 1st and 2nd.

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Recall that in Russia on 81-m to year of life has died the singer Iosif Kobzon.

It is known that Kobzon has repeatedly called for the militant-controlled city of Donetsk and Lugansk concerts, also claiming the support of members of illegal armed formations in the Donbas. The warlords are awarded Kobzon with the signs “For merits in front of “DNR / LNR“. So the Euromaidan Kobzon said that” Maidan Ukrainians zombie, they themselves become terrorists.” As an artist he supported the annexation of Crimea saying that it is better to donate money for the Peninsula and not for sick children.

The Ministry of culture of Ukraine introduced the artist to the list of people who threaten national security.

In October 2010, speaking at the world forum of spiritual culture in Astana, twice lost consciousness. The doctors on stage to assist him by doing CPR.

According to experts, the cancer led to anemia, which in turn caused the loss of consciousness.

At the end of July 2018, the singer was again admitted to hospital.

Videoportero occupation and concerts militants in a Moscow hospital died, Iosif Kobzon

A native of Donetsk region was a favorite of the Russian government, state Duma Deputy and had numerous awards in Russia. Kobzon has repeatedly toured in a small country controlled by the rebels. Russian singer criticized the euromaidan and supported the annexation of Crimea. In Ukraine, it is stripped of all regalia, and the artist was in the “black list” not only in Ukraine but also in the EU.

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