In high-rise buildings of Kiev grenade exploded

In high-rise buildings of Kiev grenade exploded

There are victims.

In Darnytskyi district of Kiev there was a grenade explosion on the 14th floor of a multistory building. This was reported in the air, “TCH.Ranok”.

“According to preliminary data the two victims, 30-year-old man in critical condition. Injured his neighbor in 1983. To explain what happened he could not because of strong alcoholic intoxication, ” – said in the Studio.

Another neighbor is also in a state of intoxication without wounds. There is information that the men tried to dismantle a grenade.

Recall, April 12, at about midnight in the village Grishkovets Berdichevsky district, Zhytomyr region in the window of the house someone threw a grenade that immediately exploded.