Casual acquaintance on the hem turned to the Kievan loss of 55 thousand UAH: they had lured the stranger

The man is sure that he was under the influence of hypnosis

A young resident of Kiev met in the capital’s Podil man, who a few hours lured all his money from Bank cards, and even those that were in the apartment. The man is sure that he was under the influence of hypnosis, according to a story TSN.19:30.

Vlad Manga talking on the phone with a new acquaintance, and after the conversation recalls how he first heard the voice. According to him, on Andreevsky descent approached by a man who asked for help. “Caused the credibility of the interaction of the voice. I said, “of Course, how could I help?” recalls and does not believe that subsequently gave all their savings to the unknown.

Suggests that it was hypnosis. The man introduced himself as Roman. Talked about meditation, and then about God, freedom, and money. Vlad says that said a new acquaintance: “What can you share with God? Do you have money? Built so the question that I wanted to speak the truth.”

Then went to Vlad’s home, where he gave a new friend my savings. Then went to withdraw cash from the ATM. There Roman kept saying that the money he did not need, and Vlad withdrew funds with a credit card. In General acquaintance cost him 55 thousand hryvnia. Before parting we exchanged phone numbers. Vlad returned home and fell asleep.

Soon new friend called and asked for money. Told her that his mother was ill, and asked to borrow thousands of dollars.

Vlad had realized that he had become a victim of fraud. However, instead of the police, called TSN. The police Department went together, but in vain: “the audit found that in the present situation, the signs of a criminal offense is not identified and are civil legal relations”.

At the same time, Vlad makes an appointment with the Novel, which go together. Seeing the camera, the man runs away. Then again, calling with a complaint, they say, he did not have time to pay off, and he raises false accusations.

Then agrees to comment on the situation and to us: “Give an answer: were you present when he did? And where and what he was doing – it’s a private matter”. Now the so-called Roman returned Power to the card only one thousand three hundred hryvnia.

Psychologist-gynocomastia Natalia Lomonosov sure that the Government introduced in TRANS. Durruti several times put the victim simple questions, the probable answer to that is Yes. Then the person is no longer able to say no.

“Is the divorce on trust. If a person first time told there is bread, then the second question says that, Yes, good. She has a willingness to in a situation to get in,” explained Natalia Lomonosov.

Usually to prove fraud is extremely difficult, says a lawyer. “The crooks know it. They never deny the fact of receiving the money. Yes, I got the money. I thought back,” – said Oleg Boriychuk, a lawyer.

Since the beginning of the year, police registered nine thousand cases of fraud. Revealed one in six.

The TSN reporter Valeria Kowalinski.