Military guy a few weeks ago, wounded the sniper, got married in the capital’s military hospital

For the life of men fought the doctors.

In the Main military clinical hospital married Sergeant Igor Ponomarchuk, who three weeks ago was on the verge of death. Men sniper wounded in the Donbas, says the story TSN.19:30.

Igor in uniform and embroidery. The man rises from wheelchair and walks slowly. Only three weeks ago he did a complicated surgery.

Igor met with Anna a few years ago. He lived on in the Donetsk region. He fought there. Subsequently took beloved home in the Nikolaev area. The couple had a daughter. They have already planned the wedding, but on April 10 near Avdeevka sniper got into Igor. The next day my husband had to go on leave.

The bride gave the flowers. The groom is a watch. Anna laconic. Igor thanked doctors for their support. Most grateful to his Savior, commander of medical forces of the APU.

“Igor, I saw on the operating table unconscious in anesthesia,” recalls the medic Igor Khomenko. He operated on the military more than five hours in Avdiivka the hospital. From there, the wounded were taken first to Kharkiv and then to the capital. “He had a very serious wound of the abdomen, removed a kidney. Removed part of the intestine. He hit the liver, the spine was partially damaged,” says the doctor.

Ahead of Igor another treatment and rehabilitation. The doctors promise that he will not only walk, but run.

By TSN correspondent Elena Lovey.